For some people, choosing a paint color for a room or entire living space is easy and fun. For others, the choice is filled with anxiety and stress. Here are few tips to make the process a little easier, no matter which category you find yourself in.

  1. Find an inspiration piece.

This can be a throw pillow, a painting, a piece of art, a photo from Pinterest or a design magazine. This will honestly narrow down your choice dramatically and allow you to move forward much faster and with less stress. It will also allow you to coordinate your space without making it too “matchy matchy”.

  1. Pay attention to adjoining spaces.

Today’s open floor plans often create spaces that tie together with common walls or partial walls. Keep this in mind when choosing your paint color for your dining room, because it may also be the paint color for the kitchen if the spaces are not easily separated.

There are many resources online with color research. Certain colors have specific impact on most people, it would be good to know this before you paint your dining room a deep shade of blue. (According to color psychology research, blue suppresses appetites)

  1. Be bold but be careful.

woman paiting greenBold colors can take many forms and can really make a room like great. However, in the spirit of being bold, many people just go hog wild and don’t get the opinions of others whom they trust. If you know someone who’s design style you like, ask them if they will give you an opinion on the color options you have chosen. You really can’t go wrong with that.

  1. Don’t sweat over it!

It’s paint. It can easily be fixed by simply painting over it. As far as home improvements go, painting is about as easy as it gets so there’s really no excuse to not give it a whirl.  The key is not to sweat over it. It’s going to be okay.