10 least affordable citiesHave you ever wondered how much it costs to live in places other than Minnesota?

Of course there are cities, states and areas that are more affordable in terms of housing costs but there are definitely places outside of the frozen tundra that are pretty expensive.

Realtor.com recently published a list of the 10 Least Affordable Cities in America and the results are interesting.  You can check out the full article by clicking the link below.  I would love your thoughts.

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Instead of building your next home, maybe you’ll be printing it.

This video is simply amazing.  Something not mentioned in the video is that there is an architect in New York in the process of building an entire 3D printed home right now and a Minnesota man is setting out to build a two story home using a 3D printer that he made himself.

3d printed house mn

As someone who is deeply embedded into the real estate world, this topic is very interesting.  What is most amazing is the pace at which there seems to be adoption of 3D printing for construction.

Soon we will be building houses in the span of days and not months and they will be cheaper, more efficient and limitless in terms of design and architecture.

Happy New Year!

This time of year we all set new goals (resolutions if you will). But it usually doesn’t take long for those resolutions to fade off as a distant memory.

I’ve just posted a new episode of “Real Living TV” that gives some very practical advice from fitness and motivational expert Wendie Pett. I think this will help all of us do a better job of reaching our goals this next year.

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What would you say if you were told that you could cut major time and interest off or your mortgage? Not only is it possible, but you can even do it on your own without paying for a service!

Check out this episode of “Tips for Life TV” to learn how you can use bi-weekly mortgage payments to start saving big.

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How many times have you heard the phrase, “Did you see that one video?!

I found 6 awesome, outrageous and inspiring viral videos that you’ll want to check out on this episode of “Tips for Life TV.”

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Are you tired of always picking up after your kids? When should kids start to learn about being responsible and even learn the value of a dollar? These are good questions.

I just posted an episode of “Tips for Life TV” with great ideas for getting your kids to be more confident and independent.

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