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With 10+ years in Real Estate and additional experience in Relocating clients from outside the state and country, I am gifted in helping people save money while getting into a property they love at a great price with savings in all categories from choosing the right lender, choosing the right closer  as well as the right options to help when fixing up your new home. 

When my buyers get the deed  for their new home, they already have equity in their homes because of my negotiation skills and ability to write excellent letters that successfully capture a seller’s attention in multiple offer situations.  My understanding of financing and negotiation makes me a strong advocate for buyers in any market.

Congrats to Jenny L! Enjoy the new home in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis

Working with Claire Bastien, Jenny L was able to find the perfect home for her in Longfellow.

Longfellow is a neighborhood in South Minneapolis bordered by the Mississippi River and the Light Rail. It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood with a city feel. It’s not far from so many amenities – some stemming from proximity to the light rail. But generally in walking distance there are restaurants, bars, a couple of small art galleries and shops to get what you need.

Longfellow is home to the Minnehaha Falls and the surrounding park. In the summer the area is bustling with picnickers, runners, biker and walkers. In the winter, the sturdy come daily to see the Falls slowly freeze.