Home Buyer Agents

Smart Buyers use Exclusive Buyer Agents!

Anyone buying a home would be smart to check out Exclusive Buyers Agency before making any decisions. I became an Exclusive Buyers Agent in the twin cities metro area to help buyers get a fair deal without fear of dual agency in any purchase and to help them find the right home while using the optimal mortgage product to save on fees and build as much equity as possible at the point of purchase.

My area knowledge, negotiation skills and network of experts, from mortgage lending to inspectors, ensures that my buyers have the best possible experience in finding, inspecting and signing for a mortgage on their new home.

It’s important that your agent is an Exclusive Buyers Agent if you are a buyer.  If you don’t use an EBA, you are likely not getting full disclosure from your agent, as all deals are skewed toward the seller unless you use an EBA.  By not representing any sellers I assure buyers of full disclosure and they never have to worry about Dual Agency!